a lifestyle of cultivating untold stories.




A lifestyle of cultivating untold stories.

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The design of our country was to value some stories over others. This reality will only change if there is a lifestyle created to celebrate these hidden, forgotten, overlooked stories; establishing a new normal of who is valuable and has gifts, enabling them to co-create that lifestyle. 
We like to call that lifestyle STAYDRMN. On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the most profound dreamers of this nation's existence, we launch STAYDRMN.
However, "They did not assassinate MLK because he had a dream, he was assassinated because he woke up" - Louis Farrakhan. STAYDRMN's logo combine the SD to make a ladder, representing the notion that it is not enough to continue to dream, but to continue climbing to reach our goals one step at a time. Never stop dreaming, never stop climbing. 
We share truths, break barriers, and build community. 

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